Taking a break

Andrew and Relaxed Horsemanship are taking an indefinite break from training and equine services while he concentrates on new business opportunities.

For groundwork and ridden we thoroughly recommend Michelle O’Neill and Cherry Tree Equine

We recommend Georgia Bruce for clicker and general training of horses.

See http://clickertraining.org/ or Click with Horses on Facebook


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Playing with obstacles at liberty


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Equitana 2012

Huge two Horse Agility and Clicker Training demonstrations at Equitana in Melbourne.

Lots of interest in both as Andrew and local trainer Sefronia put horses through agility obstacles in front of hundreds of interested people.

Follow-up agility, groundwork and clicker clinics now planned for Melbourne and beyond.

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Call it what you want- Clicker training/Natural Horsemanship

A great video and post by Georgia Bates…

So recently I have had a few comments made such as ‘Natural horsemanship and clicker training are stupid…’ ‘not necassary to use treats..’ ‘everyone should just use traditional methods of training…’ etc….. well…. I disagree!

Now I am not saying that the people who have made such comments are doing wrong by their horses for not using natural horsemanship methods, that is not my point, what I am trying to convey is that there are methods which work and have been used for many years as well as methods that have been used for many years that are questionable, but then there are also more modern methods which also work and quite often work better.
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So, you think equestrianism is easy?

so few people actually really understand the true skill it takes to become a rider. So many think that we do just sit there. They don’t realize that equestrian sports are the most dangerous in the world. They don’t realize how one mistake could affect your entire life. My friend wanted to ride one of my horses and she said, “I doubt a fall would even hurt, I fell that off a table once and that didn’t hurt.” If someone tells you that, tell them to sit on top of the car while it goes 30 mph and jump off see if that hurts.

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Flexion with targeting

Using Clicker Training to teach a young horse Laterial Flexion. Starring Angel and Leslie Pavlich author of Clicker Training: Colt Starting the Natural Horse. Get a Copy at www.clickhorse.info from amazon.

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clicker training camels

The first clip in a series on clickertraining animals. In this clip we are introducing camels to clickertraining. We start by introducing them to a target, and the comments in the clip explains what we are doing. (have the sound on!) More information about clickertraining animals as well as other training clips can be found on www.ellenofstad.com

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Piaffe and Passage at Liberty

Rumba the Wonder Horse performing the Grand Prix Dressage movements Piaffe and Passage at Liberty. (No ropes or reins attatched). Continue reading

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sour in the arena but loves trails?

Don’t worry, this is a natural thing – I mean, do you really look forward to going to work each day?

The arena generally means work, it means schooling and exercise and thought; while the trail is often a relaxed walk/trot/canter just enjoying being out. Simply: the arena means pressure, the trail means no pressure.

Mix it up!

Christine & Sorchia riding Macca & Storm out on Dragonfly Park

Go for a trail ride first, and do lots of transitions, suppling exercises, lateral work, circles, serpentines, etc. while out on the trail. When you come home, head to the arena, treat it as your trail ride; relax and just wander around.

Pretty soon your horse will figure both work, and relaxation, can occur anywhere with you and the relaxing wind-down always follows work.

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Rabbit clicker training

Teaching Bertie the basics. Clicker training reinforces good behavior and actions. It can be used for a wide range of behaviors, tricks, and training. They decided to introduce it to Bertie to keep him fit, help his back, which has some arthritis, and keep him occupied. He has learnt this in just 5 days. Info & help on Clicker training your bun at: http://www.clickerbunny.com

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